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OHA. One word, from the Hawaiian language, which encapsulates the heart and philosophy of Copenhagen-based Cafe Oha.

Aloha is what you joyously call out to a friend when they walk through your door.

Ohana is your tribe of loved ones seated around the dinner table.

And oha is the small sprigs on a taro root, which are re-planted to grow the next generation of plants – because we need to think about tomorrow today.

These words and meanings perfectly describe our vision to welcome people around our tables to give them a positive plant-based experience, hopefully inspiring a lifestyle of sustainable eating – great for community and great for our planet’s future. ​

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OHA Story


This journey started when we (Anjelli and Niraj) found it difficult to find places to eat with more healthy and inclusive menus in the Copenhagen area. So, we started one ourselves! Over time, it became the official Valby location for Cafe Oha in 2017, and the second location in Frederiksberg opened soon after in 2018.


We know that meat-lovers can be wary of, or even put off by, a fully vegan menu. Going “from all to nothing” doesn’t exactly sound like a fun meal out, does it? That’s why we also offer pescatarian options – some familiar-sounding dishes on the menu that gradually lead the way towards trying out a plant-based option.


We don’t want to hit people over the head with a vegan menu; we want to help people see plant-based eating as a non-threatening alternative that can be incorporated into their daily lives – and to have that light-bulb moment surrounded by their family and friends.


Imagine if 1,000 people within one local community or neighborhood decided to change their eating habits so that they had one plant-based meal per week. Now imagine 1,000 communities doing the same thing.


You can do the math: That’s how changing people’s eating habits one meal at a time can cause significant sustainability impact.


OHA. It’s more than a cafe. We look forward to welcome you - walk through our door to be seated around the table with your family and friends, enjoying a delicious meal today, which will help our planet tomorrow.

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